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Summer Reading Program: Adults' and Teens' Summer Reading Program



Missed out on a class or just looking for something to do this summer? Visit our YouTube Channel here for all kinds of activities to do at home! 



Online - Please register to get the Meeting Informatio

Saturday, July 18 from 2 pm - 3 pm 


Scroll to the bottom for the full online calendar


Please register for our Wednesday Take Away crafts to be able to reserve your materials. Once you receive an email that your kit is ready, stop by the library and pick up your kit! Instructions are included along with the materials.


Welcome to our Online Summer Reading Program! For every book read, event attended or daily movement for the fitness challenge logged on our summer reading portal or on paper, you will receive one ticket into a weekly drawing and all tickets will be included in a grand drawing at the end of summer. Register any time, you can begin logging from June 13 through August 8.

Create Your Summer Reading Account here: 

Adults Summer Reading Portal

Teens Summer Reading Portal


You can also use this form below to log your books and turn in through the drive-up window: 

Teen Video Contest


Make a short phone movie (5-10 minutes) based on a fairy tale or folktale.

  • You may invent/write your own fairy tale or folk tale.
  • For fairy tales or folktales in the public domain, that is published before January 1st, 1925, you can film an exact scene of the work. 
  • For works after January 1st, 1925, you must transform the work to make it your own. 

 For example, if you wanted to film part of Hans Christian Anderson’s fairy tale “The Little Mermaid”, you could film and use any dialog or scene from the story.  If you wanted to film any part of Disney’s Little Mermaid, you must transform it into an original work like a parody. 

There will be classes on the use of phones to film movies, editing, lighting, screenwriting, makeup, and costuming.

  • All members must be listed on the submission.  
  • You do not have to attend the classes to enter a video.
  • You can work alone or in groups. While actors and assistants do not have to be teens, the director must be 13-18 years old.
  • No professional assistance outside the classes.
  • No profanity, nudity, or excessive violence.  It would be rated PG-13 or less.
  • Entries must be submitted to teen librarian Elizabeth by Sunday, July 26 at 5pm.
  • Entries will be posted on social media for the public to vote on for best movie.

For any questions and to submit your video, contact Elizabeth 



Walk Across Texas 

Track Online: If you want to join us in tracking our movement this summer online, join online through the Walk Across Texas Website: When creating your Walk Across Texas! team, you will need the following league code to join the MFP Library - Part of Your Story Challenge league. Please enter the following league code when prompted on the ‘Create a Team’ form: League Code: watL-200414-5CyGd2 

Track on Paper: Record your daily mileage on the Individual Mileage Log below. If you want to do this as a team, gather up to 8 total family and friends and each of you write the same team name down.  If you are doing this individually leave team name blank, you will be on the library’s team.


 You will finish your eight weeks up around the week of August 10th! Turn in your filled out paper at the library in August to get your t-shirt! Email

Screen Free Summer Activities Booklet

Come grab one of our awesome Screen Free Summer Activities Booklet! You can either pick one up at the library or contact us to mail one! (Scroll down for contact information)

Also, if you know someone who would like a screen free booklet mailed to them in our surrounding area let us know!

Contact Us! 

Have questions or need help? 

Call us at 830-438-4864 or



Make sure to join us online for some awesome classes and events this summer! Visit the online calendar at the bottom of this page to view the upcoming classes and to register! 

Some classes to look for: 

Yoga classes

Online Interview Class

Microwave Cooking

Fake News? 

And more! 

Teen Genre Challenge

How many different types of books can you read this summer? Write the title of the book and rate it using an emoji

Make sure to grab your Screen Free Activities Booklet for more fun challenges! 

Check out the online programs we are offering!