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Summer Reading Program: Children's Summer Reading Program



Work with other Summer Readers to make your way to each fantastic literary island to earn a library pet for the Children’s Room! 

If at least 50% of registered readers complete their journey (make it to all eight islands), we will get a fish for the Children’s Room.

If at least 75% finish, we will get an aquarium.

All participants who make it 100% of the way through their map will get to suggest and vote on the pet name(s). 

Progress on your journey by coloring in (or checking off) the dots between islands. Yellow dots are for 20 minutes of reading! White dots can be filled in by 20 minutes of reading, playing outside, coding, or cooking: your choice. That is: you can read for all the dots if you want, or you can mix it up. But you have to read to mark off the colored dots, and no matter what you choose, do it for at least 20 minutes! We will update weekly on social media how far everyone is on their journey!

Just remember to do your best and have fun! Our journey lasts until August 8, so you have plenty of time to complete your map. Each participant gets one map for the summer, but don’t worry -- if you lose it we can give you a replacement, or you can download and print the image below!  

Kids under 5 can choose if they want to track their reading on the map (reading three picture books = 20 minutes of reading) or if they want to track the number of books they read as part of our 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten program. Check out our Virtual Library LibGuide or email Ms. Montana ( for more info on 1KB4K.


Log Your Reading Progress Here (starting June 15). You may also turn in your paper maps to the library (please label them with your first and last name).



Click Here to Register (beginning Saturday, June 13). You can also register in-person at the library.

**Remaining t-shirts are available on a first-come, first-serve, basis.


Journey with us for eight weeks of programs and projects! The library will provide most program supplies each week along with a weekly Itinerary that includes our ONLINE program schedule, directions for the crafts, and suggested at-home activities and challenges. Each week's packet contains supplies for two children. Packets for Weeks 1 and 2 will be distributed to pre-registered families at Kickoff. Beginning at Week 2, you may pick up your packet anytime during the week for the coming week (ie: pick up Week 3 during Week 2, pick up Week 4 during Week 3). If you are unable to pick up from the library, please contact Ms. Montana ( or Ms. Jeannette ( and we will send the packets to you. You can also download and print the week's itinerary below.



Join us every Wednesday online for a performance! Visit the Online Calendar for more information! 

Upcoming Performances: 

Wednesdays 10:30 am - 11:15 am

July 15, Austin Reptiles 

July 22, African Safari and Folktales 

July 29, Percussion Things

August 5, EPIC Entertainment