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Biblio Techno Trekker: About the Trekker


Local artist Buzz Heye with the Trekker displaying his "Taste of the Hills" artwork on the vehicle wrap

MFPL BiblioTechnoTrekker Calendar

Evolution of the Trekker

June 2015:

BSB Library Foundation hosts Envisioning Event
Participants: Members of four arms of the Library: Foundation of the BSB Library, Friends of the Library (FOL), Bulverde Area Rural Library District (BARLD) Board of Trustees, and Library Staff
Purposes: Define working relationships among these groups and explore goals. Brainstorm anticipated facilities and services for the library over the next five to 10 years
Bright Idea: Obtain a technologically equipped mobile unit to personally and digitally connect community to library.  High Tech > High Touch.
Goal: Meet needs of citizens who have difficulty coming to the library.
Origin: Our Library Director saw such a unit in practice at a library while vacationing on Prince Edward Island, Canada.

August 2015:

BSBL Foundation competes for grant
Grantor: Pearson Education, employer of a Foundation Board member, challenged employees to apply for funds supporting a community literacy program. We applied.
Proposed Program: Establish the Biblio Techno Trekker program for BSBL.
Results: Learned in December 2015 that we won initial funding of $27+K.

February 2016:

BSBL Foundation receives initial funds from Pearson Foundation
Outreach begins in earnest to make contacts in the community to determine initial Trekker stops.

Additional Funding:

The Friends of the Bulverde/Spring Branch Library pledged the funds from their annual Book & Author event which was used to pay for the wrap and pay for ongoing support of the Trekker to include gas, insurance, monthly wifi service and maintenance.  
The Minnie Stevens Piper Foundation supported the Trekker with funding for technology including the wifi hotspot equipment and a laptop and devices for use in the Trekker.  
The Kronkosky Foundation funded interior equipment the Trekker needed to complete outfitting to get it rolling.  

March - July 2016:

Trekker rolls toward launch
Trekker Team receives permission from local artist Buzz Heye to display his "Taste of the Hills" painting on the vehicle wrap.  Team then works with Big Star Branding to design and implement the wrap.  Wired Networks helps to develop the wifi hotspot needs and Advantage Communications installs hotspot equipment. Trekker is initially revealed with wrap and wifi hotspot installed at the Bulverde Funfest in June.  Funding becomes available and other equipment needed to outfit the interior is purchased and installed. Initial outreach calendar is created.
Staffing: Present Library Staff, aided by volunteers, will drive the Trekker and deliver services.

August 2016:

Library staff begin community outreach in the Trekker!

BSBL Foundation Future Efforts:

A new organization, the Foundation is evolving processes for acquiring funds to initiate innovative library programs, like the Trekker, for the long-term benefit of the community.