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About the Library: Friends of the Bulverde Area Rural Library District

About the Friends

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The Friends of the Bulverde Area Rural Library District (BARLD) Board of Directors want to give all FOL members an opportunity to be part of FOL leadership.  Clare Helminiak's term expires in January 2020 so we are looking to fill her position as a director.  The Board would also like to expand the board from six directors to eight which is the maximum allowed by our bylaws.  This will provide opportunities for more members to get involved, increase input of ideas and skills, add diverse perspective to the board, and share the burden of duties for the many activities the Board is involved in. Therefore, we are looking for a total of three members to be elected at the annual meeting 
scheduled for January 23 2020.   
Expectations from the board members include a willingness to lead and participate in various FOL sponsored events as well as attend board meetings once a month, and occasionally attend library staff, BARLD Trustee, and Foundation meetings.  
We want to give all members an opportunity to volunteer to be part of FOL leadership.  The FOL needs active and involved members to make our activities successful and to expand our support to the Mammen Family Public Library.   If you think you might be interested in one of those positions, please submit your name to Suzanne Kratz.
Interested members are invited to attend the board meeting on Monday,November 18 at 1:00 pm in the library training room.  
More information will be provided to those interested, and we will answer your questions immediately after the regular meeting. You may also contact any member of the nominating committee for additional information on board responsibilities.  All have served on the board.  Click on the name to contact one of these committee members:



A Friend of the Bulverde Area Rural Library District is a person who shares a common desire to perpetuate the growth and to promote the interest and the welfare of the Mammen Family Public Library as a cultural and educational asset to the area by supporting fund raising, activities and events sponsored by the Friends of the Library. 


Our Mission:

The purposes of this corporation are:

- to promote public use of the Mammen Family Public Library;

- to develop appreciation of its value as a cultural and educational asset to the community;

- to supplement library services and materials beyond the library’s normal operating budget,

- and to encourage the extension and improvement of its services.

The corporation also supplements the library’s mission to provide an environment that inspires a life-long love of learning with programs and activities that make available educational and cultural opportunities not normally accessible to members of the community.

Friends Committee Chairs and Volunteers

Book Nook

- Karen Schmalz/Maria Kellar/Linda Quintero/Mary Pettit

Book and Author Luncheon

- Peggy Hamm/Karen Schmalz

Butterfly Garden

- Clare Helminiak/Gene Carnicom



- Linda Quintero


- Donna Harris


- Karen Schmalz/Deborah Halsted


Great Decisions

- Debbie Soelberg


- Nancee Vincent



- Gene Carnicom


Member Outreach

- Karen Walker

One Book/One Community

- Donna Harris


- Susan Shapiro

Veterans Day

- Steve Stevenson