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2017 Great Decisions: Prospects for Afghanistan and Pakistan

Speakers and topics for Great Decisions 2017.

Prospects for Afghanistan and Pakistan

September 21st

Prospects for Afghanistan and Pakistan

By Austin Long

Major internal conflict has plagued Afghanistan for four decades. The U.S., for its part, has conducted military operations in the country nearly continuously since 9/11. Today, war with the Taliban persists, and tensions between the U.S. and Pakistan have gradually deteriorated. As his time in office drew to a close, President Obama limited further withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan. The incoming administration has a choice: will it maintain the status quo, completely reverse the Obama administration drawdown or withdraw completely? Does the U.S. face a no win situation in Afghanistan and Pakistan?

Speaker: Michael Malone, J.D., LL.M. Attorney and Counselor at Law & Adjunct Professor: St. Mary’s University School of Law/Graduate International Relations

Michael Malone, J.D.Michael V. Malone received his LL.M. in International and Comparative Law from St. Mary’s University School of Law after earning his J.D. Michael is a currently practicing attorney and, in addition to being an Adjunct Professor of Graduate International Relations, is also a member of St. Mary’s University School of Law’s practicing faculty, where he teaches comparative constitutional law. Michael’s research interests include comparative constitutional law (with an emphasis on freedom of expression), national security law and public international law.



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