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2018 Great Decisions: Home

About the Great Decisions Program

Thursdays, 5:45pm 

Great Decisions Topics 2018

is America's largest discussion program on world affairs created by the 

Foreign Policy Association

Our library's program model, sponsored by Mammen Investments, Inc.

includes watching the DVD and hearing a speaker relating to the subject

prior to questions and discussion.  

A light meal will be provided.  

Briefing books are available for $20 at the library, while supplies last. 

The Great Decisions program provides background information and policy options for the eight most critical issues facing America each year and serves as the focal text for discussion groups across the country.  The tabs at the top of the page are the topics that will be discussed in 2018. 

The Bulverde/Spring Branch Library will host discussions on those topics on the upcoming dates:

  • April 5 - Waning of Pax Americana? - Speaker: Benjamin C. Montoya, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of History at Schreiner University.

  • April 12 - Russia’s Foreign Policy - Speaker: Dr. Jeremy Stephen Roethler Sr. Lecturer, University College & Dept. of History Coordinator, General Studies Degree Program at Texas State University. Dr. Roethler's slideshow from presentation.

  • April 19 - Media and Foreign Policy - Roxanna Deane

  • April 26 - China and America: The New Geopolitical Equation - Speaker: Deli Yang (BSc, MBA, MSc & PhD), R. Burr & D. Clark, Professor of International Business, Global Business and Intellectual Property Consultant, Head of International Business Program, School of Business at Trinity University.

  • August 23 - Turkey: A Partner in Crisis - Speaker: Mehmet Oguz, Executive Director, Dialogue Institute of the Southwest in San Antonio and Vice President of the Turkic American Business Council. Mr. Oguz is a mathmatical engineer and has a Masters of Public Administration and a Masters of Art in International Relations, along with a Certificate of Conflict Transformation Degree. He taught math and computer science for 8 years in Russia prior to being a principal at Chelyabinsk Boarding High School. He has been in the U.S. since 2010.

  • August 30 - U.S. Global Engagement and the Military - Speaker: Frank Schaddelee, retired Military

  • September 6 - South Africa’s Fragile Democracy - Speaker: Anene Ejikeme, Ph.D. Associate Professor, History, Trinity University

  • September 13 - Global Health: Progress and Challenges - Speaker: Richard Britz,  Mobile Integrated Healthcare (MIH) Coordinator at Bulverde Spring Branch EMS and author of Have a Good Day for Jesus and John Wayne