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2018 Great Decisions: Global Health: Progress and Challenges

Global Health: Progress and Challenges

September 13

Global health: progress and challenges

The collective action of countries, communities and organizations over the last 30 years has literally saved millions of lives around the world. Yet terrible inequalities in health and wellbeing persist. The world now faces a mix of old and new health challenges, including the preventable deaths of mothers and children, continuing epidemics of infectious diseases, and rising rates of chronic disease. We also remain vulnerable to the emergence of new and deadly pandemics. For these reasons, the next several decades will be just as important—if not more so—than the last in determining wellbeing across nations. 

Speaker: Richard Britz,  Mobile Integrated Healthcare (MIH) Coordinator at Bulverde Spring Branch EMS and author of  Have a Good Day for Jesus and John Wayne

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