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Login to gain access to digital resources

MFPL provides free access to many digital resources which can be access from anywhere you have an internet connection.  To use these resources you must first login to your library account.

First click to login:

After you login, you will see a list of all our digital resources.  See below for more specific information.

Some resources require you to create a separate account with them, but this account is free.  When you download their app, such as with OneClickDigital or Lone Star Digital, you can then login directly using the account you set up.  


eBooks & eAudiobooks

Find people, jobs, & more

AtoZdatabases is the Premier Job Search, Reference & Mailing List Database including 30 million business & executive profiles & 220 million residents. Ideal for sales leads mailing lists, market research, employment opportunities, finding friends and relatives, and much more!


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