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Summer Reading: Adult SRP

Adult SRP


Some of the adult events were made possible by a grant from the Minnie Stevens Piper Foundation.

Thank you to the generous local businesses that donated prizes for the weekly drawing:

  • 46th Street Pizza
  • Smokey Mo's
  • Popcorn Friday


Jewelry Class - June 13—6:30pm & June 16—3:00pm                                              Waffle It! - June 14—1:00pm

Upcycled Crafts - June 20—6:30pm & June 24—3:00pm                                           Beginning Genealogy - June 21—1:00pm

Handbuilt Clay Bowl - June 27—6:30pm & June 30—3:00pm                                    Build a Better Milkshake - June 28—1:00pm

String Map Art - July 11—6:30pm & July 14—3:00pm                                                  Cheese-making - July 12—1:00pm

Backwards Canvas Bird Nest - July 18—6:30pm & July 22—3:00pm                       Storytelling Skills - July 19—1:00pm                

Marbleized Candle Holder - July 25—6:30pm & July 28—3:00pm                             Alcohol Ink Tiles - July 26—1:00pm                 



Bass Fly Tying - June 15—6:30pm (ReelFly charges $10 at door for supply fees)         Pencil Still Life - June 15—1:00pm          

Meat Master - June 22—6:30pm                                                                                               Charcoal Drawing - June 22—1:00pm

Rain Barrels - June 29—6:30pm                                                                                              Collage Mixed Media - June 29—1:00pm

Build a Game - July 6—6:30pm                                                                                                 Acrylic Painting - July 6—1:00pm

Rustic Coordinates Sign - July 13—6:30pm                                                                            Watercolor Calligraphy - July 13—1:00pm

Wire Art - July 20—6:30pm                                                                                                         Art Journal Book - July 20—1:00pm

Cubbyhole Book - July 27—6:30pm                                                                                          Shibori Indigo Dyed Scarf - July 27—1:00pm


Adults (18+) read books, write reviews, and attend program events to receive entries for weekly prizes!

On June 10th or after, participants will register accounts through ReadSquared, a website that tracks progress, gives virtual badges at milestones, and more.

For more information on ReadSquared or how the Summer Reading Program works, attend the Kick-Off event scheduled for June 10th or visit the Library’s website at!


Reading Rocks at the Buvlerde Spring Branch Library

Learn the Principles of Permaculture and Hygge - June 17—1:00pm

Build a better world for yourself by learning how to implement the basic focuses of permaculture in your environment by designing a garden and landscape. Learn about the different healing gardens and herb
gardens that you can plant which follow the principles of permaculture. We will also introduce the basics of Hygge, a feeling of completeness or coziness that is based in Danish culture.  Enjoy a craft that will bring the feeling of Hygge to you and have refreshments. Please register for a supply and refreshment count.

Blood Drive with South Texas Blood and Tissue Center - July 8—10:30am - 2:30pm

Come donate blood for a good cause to help those who can't help themselves. Sign up for a time that is convenient for you. Sign up at the circulation desk or by calling 830.438.4864. Time slots are in 1/2 hour increments.  

George Burns Alive Again and in Concert - July 8—3:00pm
Everyone loves George Burns! Join Broadway and film actor Duffy Hudson as he takes you on a stroll along nostalgia lane. George Burns sings, dances and tells stories like only George Burns can. This 75 minute, one-man, musical, comedy performance of our beloved George Burns is sure to delight the entire family!!!  No registration required.

Storytelling Performance by Donna Ingham - July 29—3:00pm

Humorist and folklorist Donna Ingham takes the ancient art of storytelling and gives it a Texas twist to entertain audiences of all ages. Hear tall tales, folklore, historical and personal stories told.